SunTek PPF films

Our selection of appropriate automotive protection films can pose a challenge. Several brands, thousands of opinions! Which film is best in terms of installation and maintenance? We recommend SunTek!

If you are beginning your adventure with paint protection films, read through the professional guidebook for SunTek PPF film installers. Review the product data sheets and the installation manual.


Key advantages of PPF SunTek films

Protection properties

Paint protection films should first and foremost protect – this seems obvious, but can you be sure? A car body is always in danger! Even when secured by a film of proper quality and thickness, a standard paint protection film is not 100% safe.

We suggest an entirely different way to get out of this impass. We don‘t say that the film won’t be subject to any minor damage, but we will promise that this damage disappears when heated!

Our paint protection films are characterised by self-healing properties. Flexible 200-micron-thick polyurethane SunTek paint protection films are the only guarantee of car body safety. This is a breakthrough in the protective film market, technology that prevents damage to the paint. More importantly, the film fills in scratches and other defects on its surface on an ongoing basis.

Does it work? If you would like to check it out, heat the scratched surface with a hairdryer or pour hot water over it. There will be no trace of damage!

Optical clarity

Paint protection films should be colourless and maximally clear, i.e. transparent. Their objective is to protect, so they should not in any way affect the actual look of the original paint. Some products in the market differ in clarity. The problem lies in two main issues.

Firstly, automotive protection film should not leave any kind of smudge after installation, as this will definitely deface the perfect paint surface. Very often these smudges are not the effect of improper installation, but result from poor quality film.

Secondly, paint protection films need to be ultimately clear to maximally reduce the effect of additional glow or change of colour. This is of particular importance when securing just a part of our car, e.g. the front. The film should be unnoticed, and visible differences in colour would be unacceptable in the case of this popular partial protection.

SunTek PPF films are characterised by the highest optical clarity.

Are you a professional installer of paint protection films?

Database of SunTek patterns

The installation of paint protection films is unquestionably easier when there are cut-to-size patterns for specific car body components. This solution is in many respects comfortable, especially in the case of large or complex components, e.g. rear fenders and bumpers. Ready-made patterns look much neat in areas where the edges of the installed film are visible (no possibility of folding).

SunTek has its own database of patterns, which contains both new vehicles and those from the 1950s. The availability of patterns for particular car models depends on their brand and manufacture year. The most common set of ready-made patterns of paint protection films is a so-called full front for hoods, front bumpers, front fenders, reflectors, mirrors, A-pillars and cowls.

Another more cost-effective set is the so-called bikini front, which means partial protection of the bonnet and guards. The bikini can cover a half, a third or a quarter of the total surface of these components. We also provide patterns for car body exteriors, the roof, the doors and the boot. This option is not available for all car models in the database.


Paint protection films and their properties is one thing, but what with the quality of the installation? It should be as easy and comfortable as possible, as it is the application of the film to the paintwork that to a large extent affects the final effect. SunTek automotive protection films have been designed to meet these criteria. They help rather than hinder installation. They are flexible and stretchy, and more importantly, won’t get damaged easily, even if mistakes occur during the installation.

Are you interested in buying our films or regular cooperation?

We are the exclusive distributor of SunTek PPF films in the Polish market. Our selection includes 3 variants of self-healing paint protection films. The SunTek PPF CAP and ULTRA films are designed for gloss paints, while the SunTek PPF Mat is intended for matte paints.

Standard variants of PPF CAP and Mat films are covered by a five-year manufacturer warranty. The standard variant of PPF ULTRA film has an extra hydrophobic layer that facilitates water flow across the surface of the film. This extends the life of the film, as it is easier to keep it clean. PPF ULTRA film is covered by a 10-year manufacturer warranty, and our installers are of the opinion that it is also the most comfortable film to install.

We sell 3 standard widths of rolls of SunTek PPF paint protection films: 0.61 m, 1.22 m and 1.52 m. The film is sold either per full rolls, in linear metres or in cut-to-size patterns.

To avoid ordering errors, we cut patterns only on the basis of a photo of the car and a previously prepared quote.

A quote is prepared based on the information about the car: make, model, exact version and year of manufacture (e.g. BMW X3 version M-Sport, 2019). A photo of the car is also required in order to verify the compliance of patterns. The average time of a quote is 1-2 working days.

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