Tinting, clear, mirror, in a variety of shades, intended for interior and exterior installation...

A wide range of anti-solar films allows us to tailor products to your individual needs! Our anti-solar films block 90%-99.9% of UV radiation. We are the exclusive distributor of the premium quality Israeli brand Armorlite in the Polish market. We have been operating in this market since 1992, so we have more than 30 years of experience! See for yourself!

We recommend 4 options for anti-solar films:

On which side do anti-solar films go?

Can these films be applied to surfaces other than glass?

Anti-solar films are designed exclusively for perfectly smooth and flat glass surfaces. The exception are two products for polycarbonate and plexiglass surfaces:

If we have piqued your interest read on to find basic information on the particular kinds of anti-solar films.

Mirror anti-solar films

Known also as reflective films, they reduce IR radiation (perceptible temperature) by reflecting solar energy. The mirror surface of the film is a protective coating produced alternately, on the more intensely lit side of the glass, which is why these films can obtain a one-way mirror effect on standard glass panes.

During the day, under solar light, the mirror surface is produced on the exterior of the window. At night, with the lights on inside the building, this effect is reversed. The most common series of mirror films in our selection are:

All mirror anti-solar films have a tint effect. Depending on the series, they come in several degrees of tint from 5%-50% of visible light transmission.

Selective (untinted) anti-solar films

They have practically no tint or mirror reflection. They are not totally clear, but their blueish shade is the lowest possible degree of anti-solar film dye. When installed, they are unnoticeable. Selective films reduce IR radiation (solar heat) through the technological selective elimination of light spectrum.

They don’t tint windows, but they are as effective as the most frequently used mirror films. The IR series are the most common anti-solar films of this kind in our range. Depending on a product, they guarantee 70%-80% of visible light transmission.

Exterior anti-solar films

For exterior installation. They are characterised by higher performance parameters due to their direct contact with solar radiation and changeable weather conditions.

Exterior films are more effective than interior films. They serve as a barrier separating the glass from the sun, directly preventing heating. Nearly all of the above-mentioned series of anti-solar films can be used for exterior installation.

XtraZone (Xtra)

Up to 7 years of manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty period depends on the inclination angle of the window. Installation on standard vertical windows is covered by the maximum warranty. It includes the following series: Silver, Titan, SolarBronze, IR and ColdSteel.


An extended manufacturer’s warranty up to 12 years. The warranty period depends on the inclination angle of the window. Installation on standard vertical windows is covered by the maximum warranty. It includes the following series: Silver and Titan.

Films for skylights

These are a selected group of exterior anti-solar films. They are designed for maximum intensity of solar energy associated with the vertical position of the window. We offer two products dedicated directly to skylights:

For glass skylights, standard exterior XtraZone films can also be used, but this is connected with a significantly shorter warranty.

Are you interested in retail purchase of films or regular cooperation?

Anti-solar films are sold per roll or in linear metres. Standard width of a roll is 1.52 m. You can also buy professional installation tools. How can you buy our films?

Currently, we do not have an online store. We kindly ask you to send your orders and requests for quotes via email or by phone. We offer mail order throughout Poland. ou can also buy our films at our head office in Warsaw.


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