Matte films are widely used on both facade windows and shower cabins.

Read our brief presentation on all the benefits of matte films and special circumstances that make it worth considering such an investment.

Partial opacity

The basic feature of these films is their partial opacity. The glass loses its transparency, but still lets light in.

An alternative for curtains

These films are often defined as frosted films. They look similar to sandblasted glass, which means that they also provide a decorative function.

Like sandblasted glass

Matte films are also called frosted films. When installed, they look similar to sandblasted glass, which means that they also provide a decorative function. They come in several colours, but universal opaque films are most common.

The possibility of printing and cutting into shapes

These are the only window films on the market intended for printing or cutting on a plotter. The pattern on the film depends on individual preferences and needs. Matte films cut in compliance with a given project, in the form of a logotype, inscription or graphics, are a popular solution for offices and facade windows in service establishments.

Protection properties

Matte films are also an investment in anti-burglary protection and safety. Some of these thicker films are designed right for this purpose. They have special approvals. They protect the glass against damage and make it difficult for a burglar to break the window.

They are also called safety films, as they protect your life and health, preventing an uncontrolled shower of shattered glass following serious damage.

Where can you install matte films?

facade windows
glass office interiors
housing interiors

Installation of matte films on facade windows

It is often the case that typical service establishments have extensive areas of glazed facades, which make the interior completely visible from the street. Is this transparency always desirable? There is a problem with facade windows in medical offices and staff rooms. In these cases, covering them, at least at eye level, is absolutely necessary.

Frosted films let light in, and they don't cut off sunlight. They can be successfully installed on both the exterior and the interior sides of the window. As mentioned, it is possible to cut patterns, inscriptions and signs, which is particularly useful in the case of a glazed front door where you can place a logotype or other useful information, e.g. opening hours. Frosted film is also perfect for printing. In this way, we can take care of our privacy and the individual character of our windows. This solution is popular in schools, kindergartens and public utility institutions.

Installation of matte films inside offices

The most common issue in modern offices is too much glazed area. They are attractive in terms of enlarging rooms visually, but they deprive employees of any privacy. Shades and blinds provide some solution, but they develop the necessity for artificial lighting in rooms without exterior windows.

We recommend matte films. They don't have to be installed on the entire surface, which favours additional aesthetic properties. Depending on the needs and individual preferences, matte films are installed as stripes, patterns, inscriptions and company branding elements (logotypes/graphics). Matte film can show less or more from the other side of the window. This is up to you.

Installation of matte films at home

Frosted films at home serve mainly as coverings. They are often used in bathrooms and on balconies with glazed railings. They ensure privacy and a sense of safety. They also provide an anti-burglary function and protect the glass against breakage.

Individual projects

Apart from installations, we also offer comprehensive project services. Just show us the direction and present your issue. We will prepare several variants of possible installations. Each project is developed individually upon special request. In the case of installing matte films in offices and on facade windows, projects usually require cutting lace patterns, stripes or company branding elements.


Email us and describe exactly what effect you wish to achieve. Giving the initial area of glass panes and dimensions of windows is also welcomed. Our first reply can contain the initial cost estimate!

After you accept our quote, we can proceed on to providing a comprehensive service! At the beginning, if necessary, we come to you and measure the windows on-site. Then we prepare the project, which takes approximately 3-10 working days, depending on the scope of the work. The last stage is setting the date and the installation.

The majority of our services are provided in Warsaw and the surrounding areas, but in special cases, we can visit customers right across Poland.

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