We know that the sun can make our life a misery, as we have been exploring this issue for nearly 30 years, i.e. since the beginning of our company. Are you looking for a solution that will free your budget from being devoured every day by the growing costs of air-conditioning? We propose the installation of anti-solar films!

How does it work and does it pay off?

We have prepared a lot of information on this issue. We know that it’s a lot, but this is the absolute minimum you will need to make an informed decision, and this is what we desire.

Reducing interior temperatures

Using films to protect against the sun is currently the most effective solution for excessive heat through glass surfaces. But you do need to take care, as only a professional installation of premium quality films will be most beneficial. We recommend anti-solar films that are installed outside the building. Why?

Anti-solar films reflect and absorb IR radiation (known as solar heat). Films installed outside provide direct protection against the sun, which translates into a maximum effectiveness. Exterior films of the highest parameters reduce solar rays penetrating the glass by 93%, which lowers temperatures in the room by up to 15 degrees.

When installing anti-solar films on the interior surface, the film does not make a direct barrier between the sun and the glass. Not only is this solution less effective, but even dangerous. Our experience shows that the installation of interior films on some windows (single/insulated) can lead to glass breakage under the influence of heat.

Reduction of glare

Anti-solar films do not just reduce temperatures. Films, especially reflection (mirror) varieties, regulate the amount of visible light transmission. We mean mainly the ability of a given kind of film to reflect and partially dampen unpleasant glare.

In this respect, films are the most beneficial alternative for shades or blinds, as by reducing unpleasant glare, they do not deprive us of the view or of daylight.

Blocking UV radiation

The last basic advantage of anti-solar films is in blocking ultraviolet radiation, which is known to be hazardous to our health. We are rarely aware that UV radiation is the main reason behind fading and discolouration of exposed objects. This is particularly important in the case of valuable objects, e.g. paintings hanging on walls. High-quality anti-solar film can reduce UV transmission by up to 99.9%.


Mirror films (tinted with a one-way mirror effect)

Installation of anti-solar mirror films is currently the most common solution in the market. These films provide a mirror surface on one side, and are totally transparent on the other. For this reason, they are often used to achieve the effect of a one-way mirror. It should be borne in mind that mirror/reflection films produce the effect of one-way mirroring differently on each side, depending on the lighting. This means that the mirroring surface is always produced on the side that is lit more. During the day, the mirror surface will be produced on the exterior side of the glass, and at night the other way round. A more intense artificial light inside will make the mirror produced on the interior side. Customers often ask us if there is a product that always works on one side, regardless of the light. Unfortunately, there is no transparent film in the market that would achieve this effect totally.

Selective films (untinted, without a mirror effect)

The installation of anti-solar films is inseparably associated with some degree of tinting. While desirable in cars, it is not always attractive in interiors. More importantly, in the case of tinted anti-solar films, it is likely that in a modern residential building, we won’t get approvals for interfering in the look of the facade. Cutting edge technology has found a solution in the form of selective films that guarantee the lowest tinting level possible, with very good protection against the sun. Selective films are practically transparent and unnoticeable on windows.

Non-transparent (matte/opaque) films

Anti-solar non-transparent films are a kind of matte film that combines two key benefits in one product. They are opaque (frosted) films for hiding the view through the window, and at the same time letting the light in. Perfect for facade windows in public institutions and service establishments, e.g. professional offices and medical offices. They provide two functions – hiding the view through windows and protecting them against excess heat.


We provide our services in Warsaw and throughout Poland. We are the exclusive distributor of window films in Poland with more than 30 years of experience. We offer professional advice in the selection of films. We can also take measurements on-site. Each of our films has up to 15 years of manufacturer’s warranty, depending on the type of film and the mounting surface.

The cost of the service and completion time depend on:

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