Anti-graffiti films provide mechanical protection against long-lasting and permanent window soiling through a special safety coating that makes it easy to remove unwanted graffiti using standard cleaning agents. It’s worth remembering that dirty glass panes should be cleaned no later than a few hours after the graffiti was created.

Protection properties

Anti-graffiti films are primarily safety films. They make it easy to remove graffiti and protect the glass against scratches and minor damage resulting from intentional forceful actions. This investment largely reduces the risk of exchanging the damaged glass for a new one.

Safety films

Anti-graffiti films are also an investment in the protection of your health and life. They are also called safety films as they prevent windows from the consequences of breakage and the dangerous shower of shattered glass.

Where can you install anti-graffiti films?

service establishments
public transport
billboards and exterior screens
notice boards
acoustic screens


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