Anti-burglary (safety) films are widely used to protect your property, health and life. They are characterised by a range of essential features that you can choose depending on your needs.

What should you know about anti-burglary films? Get to know 3 basic benefits of their installation.

Safety films

Safety films protect the glass against any damage leading to breakage. For this reason, they are called safety films. By preventing the consequences of an uncontrolled rain of shattered glass, they then protect us against injuries or even death.

Installation of anti-burglary films as glass-protecting products is recommended especially for public and residential interiors with extensive glazing (facades, terraces and balcony windows, glazed doors, glazed railings etc.).

Anti-burglary protection

As mentioned, anti-burglary films protect the glass against breakage. In the context of an attempted burglary through the window, this means making it impossible for a potential burglar to get inside through the broken window. These films are so thick and durable that even if damaged, they hold the glass in one surface, creating a hard-to-break barrier.

They are clear and totally transparent. When professionally installed, they are unnoticeable by burglars and do not affect the look of the window. For this reason, they are an interesting alternative for anti-burglary roller blinds and grills.

Protection against the consequences of explosions

Anti-graffiti films prevent the consequences of explosions. We also offer anti-graffiti films in the special No-Bar system.

No-Bar is currently in the market the most advanced form of protection of glass against the consequences of explosions. It consists of protection films and additional aluminium profiles applied to window frames.

No-Bar absorbs energy from an explosion, reducing the risk of a rain of shards caused by explosive loads, gases and flammable materials.

These systems were developed as preventive measures in response to global terrorism. No-Bar is considered as one of the best protection systems in the market. According to the tests carried out upon request by the DTRA, No-Bar has been qualified at the highest level of protection products.

Where can you install anti-graffiti films?

financial institutions
service establishments


We use premium quality Armorlite anti-graffiti film that has all the required ITB (Institute of Building Technology) approvals, from class 01 to P2.

Not just clear anti-burglary films are available. There are also opaque/matte and anti-solar variants.

We provide our services in Warsaw and throughout Poland.

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