Windshield protection film is currently the most effective and the only way of protecting glass against road damage. It prevents scratches and chips, as well as reduces the risk of breakage, resulting in the exchange of the glass pane. It works as an invisible wiper, improves visibility and facilitates driving even in the most extreme road conditions. Our experience shows that it is worth being installed!

Key advantages

Windshield protection is invisible. The film we use is colourless, optically transparent and maximally clear. It does not reduce the driver’s visibility (approved by the ICiMB*). It provides comprehensive windshield protection against:

Invisible wiper

The hydrophobic properties of the film mean water runs right off the surface. The glass is easier to keep clean.

Sensors and wipers

Windshield protection does not interfere with the operation of sensors, and the film is not damaged by wipers.


Windshield protection means your safety. The film protects the glass against breakage, significantly reducing the risk of an uncontrolled shower of shattered glass.


Unique product

We use ClearPlex film – a unique product in the Polish market. The only film of this kind authorised by the ICiMB* for installation within a driver’s field of vision.

*certification by the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials for installation on glass panes, pursuant to Regulation 43:2004 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations.


We have been operating in the market since 1992. We install and sell films. Currently, we are one of the leading distributors of automotive films in Poland and the exclusive representative of ClearPlex film in the country.


The installation of windshield protection film is covered by the following warranty:

Highly recommended for…

Windshield protection is highly recommended for fleet vehicles, collective transport vehicles, construction vehicles and equipment, as well as professional racing vehicles.

How is it done?

Windshield protection services are provided in our head office in Warsaw. The installation takes 1 working day. Due to the specific character of installation of this type of exterior films (wet installation), we prefer to release the car on the second day following receipt.

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