Car window tinting is currently the best protection against excess heat in the car and unpleasant dazzling sunlight. These films keep the interior of the car cool even in extreme heat by blocking up to 93% of IR radiation, commonly known as perceptible temperature.

Reduction of glare

Window tint films prevent eye strain by reducing glare, making driving safer and more comfortable.

Blocking UV radiation

Window tint films protect the interior of the car against damage such as fading and discolouration caused by harmful UV radiation.


Car window tinting is currently a key element of detailing. There is a plethora of these films in the market, in different colours and tinting levels, which gives every vehicle a unique character and style.

Not only anti-solar protection

Window tint films are also an investment in safety. They protect the glass against breakage, preventing injuries caused by a shower of shattered glass and making it difficult for a potential burglar or vandal to break the window.


Films number 1 in the market

We use premium quality Armorlite films with ISiC approval. All Armorlite Exclusive films are heat shrinkable and adhere perfectly to matrix surfaces (no white frame on dots – rear windows). We most frequently install window tint films from the Raycer series that are covered by a lifelong manufacturer’s warranty.

The scope of the service

Standard window tint service covers all glass panes behind the driver’s seat (pursuant to traffic laws).


We have been operating in the market since 1992, providing installation and distribution. Our automotive window tint films have been leading products in the Polish market for many years.


We offer two warranties:

How is it done?

Car window tinting is performed in our head office in Warsaw. In extraordinary situations we can provide this service on-site (car showrooms).

The installation takes 3-4 hours, depending on the car.

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