Paint looks as good as new every day!

Clear PPF film is currently the most effective paint protection in the market. It prevents scratches and chips, has self-healing properties, and the choice of elements for installation is free. We have been using proven American SunTek PPF films for more than 8 years. Our top priority are the quality and durability of our services. Paint protection films that we install don’t become yellowish, peel off or fade, at least throughout the warranty period, i.e. 5, 10 or 12 years, depending on the selected variant, and our experience shows that it’s even longer… If we have piqued your interest, read on to find basic information on protection films.



Installation of the film on the foremost parts of the car. 1/3 of the hood, fender bikini, front bumper, mirrors, headlights. Protection against chips.


Paint protection wrapping over the entire front of the car. Wrapping scope: hood, front fenders, front bumper, mirrors, headlights, A-pillars, overhead. Comprehensive paint protection against road chips and scratches.

PPF wrapping - the most important questions

Does the paint protection wrapping make sense?

Compared to other protective coatings available in the market, films are the only way to avoid deep scratches, stone chips and gravel. Protection methods such as ceramic coating and waxing do not protect the paint from physical damage, while they can be successfully applied to the film, supporting its hydrophobic coating and resistance to tough stains.

Paint that looks as good as new...

Protecting the paint with a film extends its life and keeps it in good condition. Protection films extend the life of the paint and prevent the accumulation of tar, oils and salt. The hydrophobic coating facilitates keeping the car clean.

Self-healing properties

Polyurethane paint protection films are characterised by self-healing properties, which means that damage (scratches, chips) is repaired by exposing the film to heat. In the summer, this is done naturally. In the winter, it is enough to heat the place using a hairdryer, or to pour hot water over the damaged surface. There will be no trace of any scratches!

In full or partially

Paint protection wrapping using films does not have to mean a large investment. Protection films can be installed either over the total car or on the most endangered parts. The selection of the scope of protection is free.


American SunTek PPF films

PPF wrapping is provided through premium quality polyurethane SunTek PPF films, which come in clear, matte or gloss types, and are characterised by the highest optical clarity possible. In this way paint protection is invisible and does not interfere with the look of the car.


We have been operating in the market since 1992. We install and sell films. Currently, we are one of the largest distributors of automotive films in Poland and the exclusive representative of SunTek in the country.

Patterns cut on a plotter

The selection of elements of the car that can be protected with paint protection film is free. We do not cut directly on paint, if there is no need. Films for particular parts in the form of ready-made patterns are cut mechanically on a plotter. The database of SunTek patterns comprises cars made since 1950.


We offer a two-year warranty for paint protection wrapping and a five-to-twelve-year warranty for installed films (depending on the product). The warranty period depends on the selected variant of the film.

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