No more repainting the car!

Car wrapping films are the most beneficial alternative for expensive car painting services. This is a neat, non-invasive and totally reversible process. Unlike repainting, it won‘t raise any questions when reselling the car.

Personalise as you wish

Films give your car an individual and unique detailing appearance. The scope of installation is free. You can wrap just parts of your car or the whole car. A wide selection of films in a variety of colours, textures and finishes, of which the most common are metallic matte, satin and chameleon (a changeable spectrum of colours within several colours). Every film is different and every film gives your car a unique on-of-a-kind character.


Total colour change wrapping

A standard colour change covers all the visible exterior painted elements of the car. The extended version involves wrapping all of the painted interior parts that are visible after opening the doors and hatch.

Standard colour change: 5-7 working days

Standard colour change + recessed areas: 10-12 working days


Car wrapping does not need to be a total colour change of the entire car. The scope of installation is an individual matter. Common solutions are contrasting stripes and wrapping selected elements, e.g. sills, mirrors, roof, A-pillars and bonnet.

Colour change of single elements of the car: 1-2 working days

American films

We install premium quality American Avery Dennison wrapping films for complicated surfaces. We offer a 2 year warranty for the installation and 7-12 years for the films.

Extra protection

Colour change wrapping films also protect the original paint. The film provides a layer that to some extent (much less than clear paint protection films) protects the original paint against scratches, chips and other minor road damage.

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