Windshield protection films are clear, provide maximum optical clarity, and do not restrict driving visibility. ClearPlex films protect windshields against scratches, chips and other road damage, and make water (rain and snow) run down the glass, facilitating the use of the car in unfavourable weather conditions. These safety films can prevent glass breakage in the event of mechanical damage. They protect the life and health of passengers by minimising the risk of injuries caused by shattered glass.

Get to know ClearPlex films!

ClearPlex windshield protection films are the only product of this kind in the market that are authorised by the ICiMB for installation within a driver’s field of vision. We are the exclusive distributor of this brand in Poland. ClearPlex films are covered by a one-year or twenty-thousand-kilometre manufacturer’s warranty. After this period, the manufacturer recommends exchanging the film in order to maintain the highest protection possible.

Key properties

ClearPlex windshield protection films don’t interfere with the operation of wipers or sensors. When professionally installed on the windshield, they provide no barriers to visibility of the road. The film is not likely to exfoliate, crack or become discoloured with standard maintenance throughout the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Tests carried out among vehicles protected by ClearPlex products have confirmed the high quality of the adhesive, which is even effective when used on professional racing cars.

ClearPlex films are polyester based. Installation of these films on automotive windows requires heat moulding. The installation itself is more challenging, as these films are significantly thicker than other films of this kind. For this reason, the installation requires higher temperatures, a greater mounting pressure and a longer moulding time.

Glass protection films should not be applied to damaged glass panes, as the large mounting pressure during installation may lead to further breakage of the glass pane.

Where can ClearPlex films be used?

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ClearPlex protection films are sold in linear metres or per full roll, on either a wholesale or retail basis. ClearPlex film rolls come in the following widths: 91 cm, 122 cm and 183 cm. We are the exclusive distributor of ClearPlex windshield films in Poland. We have an extensive selection of installation tools and chemicals, e.g. hydrophobic coating (invisible wiper) – ClearPleX HD. Currently, we do not have an online store. We kindly ask you to send your orders and requests for quotes via email or by phone. We offer mail order throughout Poland. You can also buy our films at our head office in Warsaw.

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