We offer automotive window tint films by Armorlite, a brand that has been operating in the market for 20 years. All Armorlite Exclusive window tint films are heat shrink and come in different shades and levels of tint. Armorlite automotive window films from the Raycer, BlackShark and Dark series are currently the most common products of this kind in the market.

Key advantages of automotive window tint

Anti-solar properties

Window tint films can reduce heat inside the car by blocking up to 70% of the total solar energy and up to 99% of harmful UV radiation, which is responsible for discolouration and overall damage of the interior of the car. These films also prevent eye strain by reducing glare, and make driving safer and more pleasant.

Protection properties

All window tint films provide a protection function. The glass becomes more resistant to breakage, protecting the life and health of passengers, and to some extent preventing burglaries.

Get to know the RAYCER series!

THE BEST window tint films covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty!

Raycer offers premium quality hybrid window tint films. They are the only films in the market that perfectly adhere to matrix surfaces (no frame on dots).

Raycer films combine high-performance metallised films and deep black dyed polyester. They are characterised by the strongest heat shrink, the best drying speed and extraordinary flexibility, which guarantees an easy and comfortable installation (corrections of installation mistakes, removal of creases and dust). They also block 99% of UV radiation.

They are available in the following range of visible light transmissions: 5%, 12%, 20%, 36% and 50%.

There is an option to buy ABG printed Raycer films.

Are you interested in buying our films or regular cooperation?

Automotive films are sold per roll or in linear metres, on either a wholesale or retail basis. Window tint film rolls come in three widths: 152 cm, 76.2 cm and 50.8 cm. We also have a wide selection of tools for the installation of films on automotive windows. Currently, we do not have an online store. We kindly ask you to send your orders and requests for quotes via email or by phone. We offer mail order throughout Poland. You can also buy our films at our head office in Warsaw.

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