Avery Dennison films

Automotive wrapping films are just the right alternative to expensive car painting services. Wrapping is a totally reversible, clean and permanent process which additionally protects the original car paint against minor road damage. The selection of the appropriate film is most important for both the installation and for further maintenance.

Automotive wrapping films from Avery Dennison are premium quality products for changing the colour of the car. They all are moulded, stretchy and flexible films that adhere perfectly to complex car surfaces. They are also extremely durable, resistant to extreme weather conditions, and have a very long shelf life. The manufacturer’s warranty is 7-12 years, depending on the product.

Key benefits of changing the colour using Avery films

All Avery SWF (Supreme Wrapping Film) products are equipped with EARS (Repositionable and Slidable) system which allows changing the position of the film for few minutes after first application to the paint, enabling accurate moulding of the film even on the most challenging parts of the car.

Avery Dennison offers more than 120 automotive wrapping films – from colours to all finishing solutions (deep gloss, satin, metallised matte, and chrome). The unique Color Flow series of automotive wrapping films is known in the branch as a chameleon – a changeable spectrum of colours within several colours. Avery films can also come in a colour that is not included in the sample book, which is possible thanks to the Color Match service – Avery is able to make any colour upon customer request.

These automotive wrapping films mean easy installation and removal. When wrapping a car over the original paint, there is no chance that later removal of the film will damage the paint.

Are you interested in buying our films or regular cooperation?

Wrapping films are sold per roll or in linear metres, on either a wholesale or retail basis. The standard roll width is 152 cm (chrome – 135 cm). Our offer covers films by Avery Dennison and Mactac ColorSkin. We are the official distributor of these films in Poland. We have a wide selection of tools for film wraps, as well as Avery Dennison chemicals specially for the installation and care of automotive wrapping films. Currently, we do not have an online store. We kindly ask you to send your orders and requests for quotes via email or by phone. We offer mail order throughout Poland. You can also buy our films at our head office in Warsaw.

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