Professional to professional!

If you are a professional film applicator, run your own business and are looking for the best quality in films - contact Us! We are still looking for partners with whom we could develop the Polish film market, focusing primarily on the effectiveness and durability of the products we distribute.

We have been on the market since 1992! From the very beginning, our business is based largely on the distribution and wholesale of professional films, the best foreign brands.

At the moment, we boast exclusive sales exclusivity in Poland for manufacturers such as SunTek, ClearPlex and Armorlite. By entering into permanent cooperation with us, we can offer you:

- wide range of assortment both in terms of films as well as tools and chemicals

- attractive wholesale prices

- expert advice and technical support

- installation training


Our training courses are not just a presentation! 30 years of experience, expertise and the best installers in Poland. That is our offer!

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